To receive payment for approved and completed silviculture work, please follow the following steps:

-1- Prior to carrying out the work complete a pre-treatment assessment. The assessment is available here, and a guide for using it is available here.

-2- After completing the work cary out a post-treatment assessment. The assessment sheet is available here.

-3- Create a gps shapefile of the treated area. For help with this please see the 'GPS' section. The shapefile should be 'zipped' and named with the correct ownerlot and year. For example 9512-01-2012. The zipped shapefile can be either uploaded here, emailed to, or left on the GPS if it is part of the loan program.

-4- Similarly, upload or send a copy of the pre and post treatment assessments.

-5- For each treatment area (polygon) complete the submission form here. Be sure to use the correct species codes.

-6- Once the data has been validated and the site inspected, we will send payment to the appropriate contrator or person completing the work.