Silviculture funding is now available for treatments (excluding plantation establishment) on certified woodlots through our FSC® program. This is a pilot project, which has been available since 2012. Since funding amount is limited, please try to get your application in as soon as possible.

Looking for a silviculture contractor? Visit our Contractor Referencing section to learn more about this new program. 

Funding will be prioritized in the following way:

-1- Woodlot Owners wanting to carry out the work themselves.

-2- Woodlot Owners with an identified contractorcarrying out category 7 work.

-3- All other program members.


To apply for silviculture funding, fill out the application form that you will have received by mail. If you have not received one, please contact us to have one provided.


Treatments will be approved for funding once a contractor has agreed to do the work. In some situations the site will need to be verified by NSLFFPA staff.