The 2012 annual audit (Nov 7-10) identified strong deficiencies in our health and safety requirements, both as members operating and as a group manager ensuring safe work practices.  It’s a challenge in a private landbase with 200 diverse members.  We’re up to the challenge. 

NSLFFPA is committed to promoting and ensuring safe work practices on member woodlots.  This includes operating to the provincial standard as demonstrated in:

The Forest Professional - Guidelines for the Stewards of tomorrow’s forests (Fifth Edition).  Describing practical techniques and procedures for good forest operations. (

We do have hard copies available for anyone that is interested.

Forest Safety Society – “Our mission at the FSSNS is to develop and deliver cost effective, quality training programs. These programs will ensure a safe work environment and a skilled work force for the Forestry Industry of Nova Scotia, in compliance with Industry and Government regulations.” (

NSLFFPA is now an associate member of the Forest Safety Society.  We will be able to offer discounts to our members for training courses scheduled on a demand basis.  We will be starting with Basic First Aid and Chainsaw Training in January but are open to scheduling any course the Safety Society offers.   

We have adapted specific policies to more accurately address our membership.  This especially revolves around working alone and using chainsaws.  Please refer to the 'Forest Professional' for all other standards.

NSLFFPA Health and Safety Policies and Procedures 

Health and Safety Inspection Checklist

Work Alone Policy

Remote Location and Working Alone Plan 

Emergency Response Procedures:



-Personal Injury

-Lost Person(s)


There are two basic procedural changes required to maintain certification:

1.  NSLFFPA staff will be performing safety audits at job start up.  Forest workers on member lots are expected to be prepared to the above standards and policies.  We strive for the highest standard and a common sense approach to ensuring safety.  We will make available procedures and forms to all workers.

2.  Any outside party (non-landowner) engaged in work on a member lot must demonstrate proof of personal liability coverage.   

Please Contact Us!  We want to be there at job start up.  This way we can review mgmt. plan restoration guidelines and health and safety before the work starts.

Safety First!