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We were invited to participate in the Eastern Region Woodlands Conference in St Josephs this past weekend. There was a great presentation on private lands legal issues (law and liability, property lines, trespassing, etc), a few words from DNR on the Natural Resources Strategy and a great presentation by Margaret Cornect on the history of her family Honey business (local non-timber forest product). Most rewarding for me was the afternoon panel discussion where 5 prominent stakeholders each provided a 10 minute talk on 'The future of forestry in Nova Scotia' and then sat as a panel to field questions. Excellent perspectives and debate. I went away with a sense of real optimism and a better awareness of the difficult challenges we face now and going forward.

There was immensely positive feedback from those in attendance regarding our FSC Certification Program, what it is and how far it's come. Also, there seems to be a positive buzz around our new initiatives this spring. It's been a long time coming, but we're very excited about rounding out the private woodlot management service to include the GPS Program, Contractor Referencing System, Outreach Field Days and the FSC Silviculture Program. There's always been a desire and a very big need to go further than the management plan service and we feel it's finally starting to arrive. We have some other ideas in the works, both for the short and long term, all aimed at rounding out private lands forest management in Eastern Nova Scotia.
I wasn't expecting such a rewarding experience and encourage everyone to get involved and attend these types of conferences / public meetings whenever possible.

March 26, 2012 | Registered CommenterPete