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I was asked recently to give a short talk to a grade 5 outdoor awareness program at St Andrew Middle School in Antigonish. The topic was to introduce the concept of protected areas to the group. This was more challenging than speaking to a roomful of contractors and landowners! They are sharp and not shy at this age and you can't get away with complicated answers. I had one train of thought prepared but the discussion inevitably took it's own course and wildlife seemed to be the most popular component.
Regardless, it was rewarding to hear their thoughts and try to make them aware of the parks and walking trails in their local community and why it's important to maintain these facilities and what you can learn from a simple walk in the woods, not to mention how good it makes us feel.
Get out there and think like a 10 year old every once in a while!

March 23, 2012 | Registered CommenterPete