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When discussing GPS use for woodlot navigation, I often get asked the difference / compatibility between the common hand held GPS units and the professional grade units we use for mapping.

For example Lynn recently emailed: I'd like to take advantage of the GPS course, but I'm already using my Garmin (I don't know if I could apply the Trimble knowledge to the Garmin Map 76CSx). Do you have any idea?

Answer: It's all about the software compatibility. Yours can map routes / waypoints and load existing regional maps (roads, streams, contours, etc) using software like MapSource but you can't see property lines and aerial photos.
In order to view the property data and manipulate stand types for forestry purposes, as well as create forms for silviculture funding claims, we require more advanced software (ArcPad) which only runs on more advanced GPS units.
Basically, if you're comfortable using the Garmin to get around and identify all the areas you would like to get to, and you don't need the GPS for silviculture claims, you should be fine with what you've got.
If you are having trouble navigating now, don't know where your boundaries are, or would like to attempt silviculture claims on your own, you may need to borrow the loan units and attend a training session.

March 2, 2012 | Registered CommenterPete