Forest Management Partnership


The Association has developed a contractor reference system for its members called the 'Forest Management Partnership'.  This program is a forum for connecting contractors to woodlot owners.  The program is intended to be entirely voluntary, no cost to members, and based on internal monitoring by the Association rather than expensive audits.

The program allows members who enroll access to an online list of participating contractors who have met 'Forest Management Partnership' requirements.

As a participating contractor you would be able to advertise your services within the system at no cost, directly to woodlot owners who are interested in having work done. As well, you would have access to information about available work on member woodlots.

 The silviculture component of the system is scheduled to go live in April, 2012.  This will include a list of approved 'Forest Management Partnership' contractors and an interactive map of available treatments within the program.

 Please view the program specifics here.

Contractors: Please contact us at 902-625-3800 to learn how to get on the list.  

Current FSC® certified members: Silviculture application forms will be mailed to you directly in the coming weeks.  You may post work you want done in this system upon completion of you application(s).  Prescribed treatments on your woodlot will only be made available with your approval.

Other Landowners: To apply to become an FSC® certified member, please call 902-625-3800.  To gain access to the 'Forest Management Partnership' system as a non FSC certified member , see requirements here.