Cape Breton Privateland Partnership (CBPP) 

We are very excited that we have approval from DNR, and funding in place through DNR and ECBC to launch the ‘Cape Breton Privateland Partnership’ (CBPP). This partnership between ourselves, North Inverness Forest Management and Baddeck Valley Wood Producers is a new venture to coordinate and support private woodlot services on Cape Breton. Woodlot owners wishing to participate in the Partnership will receive access to management planning, certification, professional advice and enhanced silviculture and road construction funding for their woodlots. While some of these services have been available to NSLFFPA members in the past, this new structure will allow us to reach more woodlot owners on Cape Breton, and provide a level of service to members that has not been available previously. Woodlot owners who are members of any of the three founding partners are eligible to participate in the Partnership for a one-time cost of $200, plus $25 per year.

Any woodlot owner on Cape Breton who does not already have a management plan through NSLFFPA is eligible for a no-cost woodlot assessment report and a consultation with one of our forest technicians. During this meeting a forest and environmental assessment for your woodlot will be reviewed, options for managing your woodlot discussed, and an action plan will be developed to help you manage your woodlot in a way that best meets your individual objectives. Woodlot owners who do not wish to participate in the partnership will be able to continue receiving services as they have in the past. However, a woodlot owner interested in participating in the partnership can receive enhanced funding and services.

We believe that if forestry is to remain a viable industry in the future then it needs to be done in a manner that is ecologically appropriate. Although it is not required, we encourage new members of the Partnership to participate in our FSC certification program at no cost. All members and contractors, whether they are certified or not, will be required to meet partnership standards for forest management. It is our hope that partnership woodlots can be a demonstration to the rest of the province of how forest management can be carried out on private woodlots in a way that is both ecologically and financially sound.

As an existing FSC member your management plan will continue to be considered ‘certified’ even if you do not wish to participate in the partnership. However, to receive extension services and support you will need to join the Partnership as this will be the mechanism by which we deliver these services in the future.

Mainland FSC members, we apologize that the program is only currently available on Cape Breton. The Department of Natural Resources is funding the program as a pilot project to examine how to efficiently deliver services to woodlot owners. We believe the project will soon prove to be a success, and we look forward to initiating a similar program for Eastern mainland.

To join the Partnership, or for further information, visit:




Cape Breton Privateland Partnership (CBPP) – Update, November 12 2013


You may remember that NSLFFPA, North Inverness Forest Management (NIFM) and Baddeck Valley Wood Producers (BVWP) have partnered together to develop a new mechanism for delivering services to woodlot owners on Cape Breton. This effort is in response to discussions with the Department of Natural Resources, who are interested in supporting the project as a pilot for how similar ‘Service Areas’ could be set up across the Province.

A series of 4 open houses were held across the island to gauge interest, get ideas and spread the word about the Partnership. Based on positive feedback from these sessions, and Advisory Committee of woodlot owners and contractors was formed, and has met 8 times since then. The advisory committee has provided us with guidance on the services to be offered, how the partnership should be organized, and how funding for it can be raised.

A successful proposal to ECBC and DNR secured funding to allow work on the business plan and proposal to continue. This included support to NSLFFPA to work on the project, as well as funding to engage an independent consultant to help with the development of a strategic plan and business case.

With a completed detailed business plan, we have approached DNR about moving the project forward, and have also submitted a proposal to ECBC to secure start-up funding for the partnership. In both cases we have received a favourable response, but are currently waiting on official approval.

What is the Partnership?

The CBPP will be a separate entity from its founding members; NSLFFPA, NIFM, and BVWP. The partnership will be responsible for coordinating woodlot services for its members and will act as a single point of contact for all woodlot owners on the island. Services provided will include such thing as management planning, advice and extension, tree marking, enhanced silviculture and road funding, habitat enhancement, and assistance securing an appropriate contractor. The Partnership will also be responsible for developing and maintaining standards for contractors, woodlot owners and service providers who want to be members. While the Partnership will coordinate activities, the actual forest management work will continue to be provided by woodlot groups and contractors on the island.

CBPP members who wish to be FSC® certified will continue to be able to do this at no additional charge through the partnership, and the certification on both Cape Breton and Eastern Mainland will continue to be maintained through NSLFFPA.

Funding for the partnership itself will need to come from a mixture of direct DNR funding and funding provided through membership dues. The final cost to members is yet to be determined, and will largely depend on discussions with DNR. Funding for silviculture and road work will likely continue to come from a mixture of DNR, ASF, registered buyers and FPANS. However, we are confident that these groups will be able to provide funding to members above what a woodlot owner would be able to receive that is not a member. Woodlot owners on the island who do not want to be members of the partnership will be able to continue receiving funding through existing sources.

Next Steps

We are currently developing a detailed implementation plan, and are waiting on confirmation from ECBC that we have the funding in place to proceed. At the same time we are in discussion with mills in the area who are interested in playing a role in the partnership. We are hopeful that the Partnership will be up and running very early in the new year.







Cape Breton Privateland Partnership - Overview, June 2013



We have partnered with North Inverness Forest Management and Baddeck Valley Wood Producers, the two other primary woodlot groups on Cape Breton, to develop a new mechanism for delivering services to private woodlot owners and contractors on Cape Breton.


This is an exciting opportunity to influence private woodlot policy for the province by implementing a pilot project on Cape Breton. If you are a woodlot owner or contractor we encourage you to find out more here, and become involved here


We will be holding a series of information sessions in May in order to get input and guidance on the project. The sessions are open to all woodlot owners and Cape Breton, and we hope you will be able to attend (and bring a neighbour).


May 14, Baddeck Fire Hall, 7pm

May 15, Inverness Firehall, 7pm

May 21, St. Peters Fire Hall, 7pm

May 23, East Bay Legion, 7pm